June 2015 - The Tanigawa Family

Aloha from the Tanigawa 'ohana! Jarrett, Noe, and their 3 children live in Moanalua. Emma is a junior at Moanalua High School and paddles canoe with 'Alapa Hoe. Jett attends Moanalua Middle School and plays football in Central O'ahu. Elle is a student at Hawai'i Technology Academy, dances ballet and jazz at Pas De Deux, and takes musical theater too. 

Elle first fell in love with Pas De Deux because the old studio had a purple room, her favorite color. She also fell in love with her teachers, Ms. Allicia and Ms. Annri. At the end of Elle's first class with Ms. Annri, she did not come out with the rest of the students or get ready for her next dance class. She stayed back to proudly dance her self-choreographed ballet for her new teacher. Gracious with her attention and time, Ms. Annri allowed a 6-year-old Elle to dance. This is how it is at Pas De Deux; the teachers, staff, aunties and uncles, AND other students (younger and older) show Elle kindness, patience, and love when she is sharing her heart. For this, we are always grateful.

For new families (especially new to recitals), you are not alone! Reach out to other parents in your dancer's classes and learn from each other. Many experienced families can share tips and tricks that are money and time saving. Don't be afraid to ask for their help and input.