October 2015 - The Wright Family

It's unsure exactly when Thiessen's dreams of dancing and performing was birthed. Although, when Thiessen was in the First Grade, he was finally able to put what was on his heart into words. A local B-boy crew performed at a D.A.R.E. assembly held at the school he was attending. He knew that he had to find out more about what he'd seen and, at just 6 years old (2009), he went out of his way to ask his teacher how he could find out more about these "B-boying" dancers that he'd just seen. His teacher, Mrs. Ng, had him write down the information on a post-it note, a note that he still has a picture of to this day, 6 years later. Even though it was very last minute, he was able to attend the D.A.R.E. event that was held later that night.