October 2015 - The Wright Family

It's unsure exactly when Thiessen's dreams of dancing and performing was birthed. Although, when Thiessen was in the First Grade, he was finally able to put what was on his heart into words. A local B-boy crew performed at a D.A.R.E. assembly held at the school he was attending. He knew that he had to find out more about what he'd seen and, at just 6 years old (2009), he went out of his way to ask his teacher how he could find out more about these "B-boying" dancers that he'd just seen. His teacher, Mrs. Ng, had him write down the information on a post-it note, a note that he still has a picture of to this day, 6 years later. Even though it was very last minute, he was able to attend the D.A.R.E. event that was held later that night.

In late 2011, he had his first trial class at Pas de Deux. Thiessen didn't immediately respond to his trial class. The administrator on duty at the time, Aunty Mia, happily asked how he enjoyed the class. He was honest and said it wasn't what he was expecting. She immediately suggested that he might be looking for the Bboy/Bgirl class...and his face lit up. So he came back for the Bboy/Bgirl class...and it was a done deal. That moment was the start of his exposure to an atmosphere that encouraged his "creative type" personality. It's been a progressive life experience of character development, unexpected opportunities, and an incredible support system from peers, mentors, studio administrators and owners.

Some of Thiessen's greatest accomplishments from being at Pas de Deux is having meaningful friendships, incredible mentors, and a developing a creative skill set that has drawn the attention of local promoters, performers, and even talent agencies, producers, and promoters. One of his greatest accomplishments is walking in to a recent Bboy event and having some of the best Bboys on the island approaching him to welcome him as one of them. The acknowledgement that night was a result of years of perseverance. Those years demanded that he continually show up and compete without anyone by his side (no "crew") at local Bboy events. He also made it to additional open sessions, workshops, and events. None of which he would have been prepared for without the support of PDD.

If you're looking for a welcoming, supportive, non-judgmental, skilled, and nurturing environment for your creative type...bienvenue à Pas de Deux Hawaii!!! (Welcome to your child's never ending passion in life.)