December 2015 - The Chilson Family

Greg, Cathleen and Connor migrated to Hawaii from Trenton, New Jersey 16+ years ago. That makes us 'kinda-aina.' Claudia, on the other hand, is a truly local girl - born at Kapiolani Women's and Children's Hospital. Together, we are the Chilson Ohana.

It was May of 2010 that we enrolled Claudia into the newly painted and opened Pas De Deux as a tiny ballet and jazz student. Her first teachers were past Sabrina Starr students who were paying what they learned forward to the next generation of dance students. We quickly realized that Sabrina Starr and Pas De Deux were the brainchild of a very talented young woman named Wendy Calio (Gilbert). It's her vision of providing a performing arts opportunity to the keiki of West Oahu that we have been along for the ride with...and what a ride it's been.

Claudia has blossomed into a confident, sometimes precocious young lady, who dreams of one day dancing at The Julliard School in New York City. That sort of dream would not have been possible had it not been in large part because of her teachers, including Ms. Allicia, Ms. Taylor and particularly, Ms. Annri. Claudia has performed in nearly every recital since the school opened, including the original Nutcracker in the old studio. These experiences, along with the personal tutelage of Ms. Annri, have given Claudia the confidence to dream big. We love that, support that, and appreciate the Pas De Deux family for giving her that.

The ride gets even more exciting in 2016 as Claudia plans to attend the Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) dance competition in Salt Lake City, JUMP dance convention here in Honolulu, and a very special performance experience in Disney World in June. Claudia looks forward to the competitions, the high expectations, and the memories that will no doubt stick with her for a lifetime. Thank you Wendy for your big Pas De Deux dream and for allowing the Chilson's to be a small part of it.