June 2016 - The Toalepai Family

Aloha Pas De Deux Ohana! 

We are the Toalepai family, Meki, Kim, Meki Jr., Meridian, and Macy, and we are very honored to be Pas De Deux's Family of the Month! Meki and Kim work for the DOD, Meki and Meridian graduated from Leeward Community College this spring and Macy is finishing up her 7th grade studies as a homeschooler. 

In February of 2011, our family moved to Hawaii from Maryland. Meridian and Macy were involved in a dance program at home and we were eager to find a new studio here. In our search, our family attended Pas De Deux's production KAPOW and we were wowed! Upon visiting the studio, the staff and teachers made us feel like we were home. Meridian eagerly enrolled in dance classes four days per week and she hasn't stopped since. She even added theater classes, mentoring and substitute teaching to her schedule. Macy started vocal, dance and theater lessons soon after and has really grown in her talent. It has been Kim's pleasure to work as front desk administrator at Pas De Deux too. Over the past five years, Pas De Deux has become our second home. 

At Pas De Deux, the atmosphere is always busy, exciting and upbeat. Students are nurtured and encouraged by their teachers to be their best and stretch themselves in their talent. The owners, Jeremy and Wendy, are always looking to bring out the best in their students in a positive and passionate way. 

Our time here is coming to an end. June is our last month in Hawaii and we will be returning to Maryland because of our jobs. We will miss our Pas De Deux Ohana!! Each and every classmate, teacher, staff, dance-mom and dance-dad has made our time here so wonderful. Thank you Jeremy and Wendy for all you have done for us!! 

Keep Reaching for the Stars!! 
The Toalepai Ohana