September 2016 - The Taylor Family

What an incredible honor and blessing to be chosen as PDD’s Family of the Month. To open an email which declared us as such was so humbling and brought me to tears.

We are the Taylor family: Dan, Amanda, Brooke, Raelyn, and Natalie. We are a busy, non-stop, adventurous, and tight-knit family. Dan’s military career has taken us all over the globe, and with each new location we have learned to dive right in and get involved. We thrive on exploring, trying new things, meeting new people, and soaking up as much as we can about each place we get to call home (even when only for a short while). I (Amanda) teach 5th grade in Ewa Beach, Brooke attends Wheeler Middle, and Raelyn and Natalie are at Wheeler Elementary.

We are originally from New Hampshire, like PDD’s own Jeremy. We first learned about PDD through a friend whose daughter was dancing in the Holiday Festivus. I couldn’t convince Brooke, Raelyn, or Natalie to come with me to watch, but after I saw the production, I called the studio and admitted that I wanted to give them all my money. One by one, the girls signed up, and now we spend all our spare time at the studio. We are involved in Hip Hop, Jazz, and Ballet. We cannot express how much the teachers at PDD have changed us--their willingness and enthusiasm for teaching, sharing, caring, and inspiring all the dancers they see each day. As we (very soon) move on to our next adventure, we will be left with a void. Our next dance teachers will have huge shoes to fill, and I don’t think it’s possible for another studio and its owners to even compare to Wendy and Jeremy.

For newcomers: dive in. Know that when you join PDD, you become family, and you are appreciated. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and definitely take time to volunteer at the shows--the backstage experience is so fun! The more you do, the richer your experience with PDD!

To our PDD ohana: thank you--mahalo--from the bottom of our hearts, for this great honor. We will cherish every last moment with you all.