October 2016 - The Morrison Family

Aloha PDD Ohana,

Mahalo to Wendy and Jeremy for choosing us the Family of the Month for October. We are so honored to be a part of the PDD Ohana and grateful to be able to share our story with new families.

We are actually the Morrison/Capinpin/Cox household. As you can see just in our names, we are an unconventional family that breaks traditional norms. We consist of myself, Jennifer Ann Morrison, my significant other Joel "mommyjoel" Capinpin and our munchkins Jazmyn Cox and Jordyn Capinpin. Jazmyn is blessed to have a very involved biological father named Fred Cox that resides in Las Vegas as well as her "step-dad" Joel, supporting her in this journey of life. In 2010, the universe aligned just right and brought a local boy from Waipahu into my place of work. Three years later, we were living in paradise pregnant with our next bundle of love. Although we have yet to be married in the traditional sense, Joel and I have built our family on love, laughing and good food! Joel is a Sous Chef at Aulani, Jazmyn is an energetic 3rd grader at Kaleiopuu Elementary School, Jordyn is a curious 2-year-old that loves to sing and dance, and I am a full time student/mom getting my degree in Elementary Education.

Jazmyn's love for dance started as soon as she could stand up. By 3 years old, she was taking tap, ballet, jazz, and acro in Las Vegas. When she was 5, I was searching the internet for a dance studio near our new home in Waipahu. Pas De Deux came up and had amazing reviews. Bonus was Nina from the Imagination Movers was the studio owner. Once Jazmyn saw that, the search was over and I booked her trial classes before we even left Las Vegas. In the first month we lived in Hawaii, Jazmyn was in dance 3 times a week and PDD was becoming our 2nd home. As soon as she was 7, she added theater and voice and has been soaring as a performer ever since. In our 3 years at PDD, Jazmyn has sang Christmas carols on television, danced in parades and has enjoyed workshops with celebrity choreographers. PDD is our 2nd home with people that we consider family. I am blessed to have groups of parents, teachers, and admins that understand how a passion can ignite a fire in a young performer and nurture that fire to blaze bright. PDD offers not only training in the performance arts, but numerous opportunities for the young performers to share their talent with the community. It is the sense of Ohana that makes PDD stand out from other studios. The welcoming nature of Jeremy and Wendy is spread through the teachers and staff and that is what keeps us coming back 6 days a week. Sometimes multiple times a day.

I encourage all the families that may be just starting their dance journey to make it a Family Experience. Get involved with the recitals and theater shows. Volunteering gives you a great sense of what your child feels when they perform and what it takes to put on the amazing productions that PDD is known for. Get the whole family involved. We love having dance dads, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles as well as Dance moms. Wendy and Jeremy are the most approachable and most involved studio owners I have had the pleasure to know so don't hesitate to ask questions. Read all the emails that are sent. They contain all important information in regards to your child and the studio. Most importantly, have fun making memories and new friends with your child. Enjoy all the experiences now because one day, they will be just memories.

Mahalo for all the support Wendy and Jeremy!
Jennifer, Joel, Jazmyn and Jordyn