February 2017 - The Brubaker Family

What an awesome surprise it was for us to receive the email letting us know we'd been chosen as family of the month for PDD. Thank you Wendy and Jeremy! 

We are Anthony, Melissa, Jason (17), Kyle (13) and Kaitlyn Brubaker (11). We're a pretty quiet and laid back family. We moved to Hawaii 4 years ago from Kentucky. What a blessing Hawaii has been for our family! We are so thankful to live here. We spend a lot of our time at the dance studio, but if we're not there you'll find us at a baseball field or band concert. All 3 of our children are very active in extracurricular activities. 

Kaitlyn's love for dance started at a very young age. As soon as she turned 4 I signed her up for dance classes back home. She dabbled in a little bit in tap, ballet and hip hop until she was selected to be on a competition hip hop team where she competed until she was 7 years old. After moving to Hawaii Kaitlyn decided to explore other activities. Two years later she decided that dancing is what makes her the happiest. That's when we found Pas De Deux. They offered everything she wanted to do and more! Currently she takes Ballet, Jazz, Pre Pointe, Hip Hop and the leaps and turns class. Outside of PDD she cheers and takes tumbling classes. 

As a family we've had great fun with the Halloween Thriller remake, Christmas parades, and the recitals. We are thankful for the multitude of lifelong friends we've made along the way and we're happy to be a part of the PDD family. We're excited for what the future holds for us at PDD. So many great things are being planned! 

To those who are currently a part of PDD, thank you! Thank you for always being so welcoming. 

To those who are considering joining PDD, do it. Don't hesitate, you're not just joining a dance studio, you're expanding your family.