July 2017 - The Cruz Family

Mahalo for choosing the Cruz Family as PDD Family of the Month for July 2017. Freddy serves in the military which brings countless opportunities for travel during the year for both himself and the family. Lorilyn is a teacher at Campbell High School where she's the Freshman Academy Lead, a Class of 2019 co-advisor, and an HSTA rep and APC member. Naima will be in the 6th grade at Ewa Beach Elementary in August where she'll continue to be involved in student council and serve as JPO captain.

Naima started ballet and Tahitian with Pas De Deux in February of 2011 as a 5yr old trying to cope with Freddy's year-long deployment to Afghanistan. As a toddler, she was always sashaying and dancing from point A to point B. Never a straight line. Probably a result of music from jazz legends John Coltrane and Miles Davis being played in the womb. Having grown up in Oakland in the 1980s, Freddy also exposed her continuously to music and dance moves. Through the years, Summer Intensives and jazz classes were added to her already full schedule of competitive tennis, Girls Scouts, and piano. This year, having made it into Junior Company, Naima placed a hold on tennis and Girls Scouts, but added Hip Hop to her schedule. At Pas De Deux, Naima has found a creative outlet and dance sisters who share her passion for dance. 

PDD is an amazing place! Wendy and Jeremy are visionaries who have managed to bring together mulit-talented and caring professionals, like Naima's first and current ballet teacher Ms. Annri, and a friendly, supportive office staff. 

New to the studio? Jump in and get involved! Volunteer for concerts and performances. Ask questions. Share your talents and skills. Also, take those opportunities to travel with the studio. Last year, we went to DisneyWorld where our PDD kids danced in the parades. This year, we are headed to Las Vegas for Dance Awards and then to Disneyland in the fall. It's an amazing experience for your child! At Pas De Deux, you will definitely meet lots of warm and caring people who'll become your friends and ohana. 

Thank you Wendy and Jeremy and the rest of the PDD Ohana for all that you do to help our kids succeed not just in dance, but in life! We are so Blessed and appreciative!