January 2017 - The Kleeman Family

Aloha! We are the Kleemans...Sean, Melissa, Logan (17), Alexis (13), and Gabriel (7). We are very excited and honored to be chosen as PDD's January 2017 Family Of The Month.

From the start of our marriage Sean and I decided how we wanted to live and raise a family. Making sure that we had flexible schedules, but still bring in a decent income. We decided that we would need to own our own businesses. We took Sean's accounting background and started a tax and accounting firm, The Kleeman Corporation. It was rough for the first few years, but 15 years later, with God, hard work, and dedication we were able to make it through all adversities. Now with The Kleeman Corporation's success, along with our other entrepreneurial endeavors, we are able to fund not only our children's passions, but help those of our church and community.

We are a home school family with Sean and I both teaching our kids. We also belong to a home school co-op, G3 (Giving God Glory) that meets every week. Logan will be graduating this year and is looking into the family businesses. Alexis is technically in the 8th grade, but has taken some high school classes. She is also very involved in Girl Scouts and has been the top Cookie Seller in the state for the past 3 years. Last year she sold a little over 3,000 boxes. Gabriel is technically in the 2nd grade, but does school work at a 4th grade level. He is a very active 7 year old having Hip Hop twice a week, Kajukenbo three times a week, and gymnastics twice a week.

We were introduced to PDD by Mr. Eric who graciously helped us with our choreography for our home school plays that our students write and perform every year. After seeing him work with our homeschoolers, we were excited to check out PDD. Now Alexis does Ballet and Jazz twice a week and is planning on attending the new Open Leaps and Turns classes. As mentioned earlier, Gabriel is in Hip Hop twice a week, as well. Needless to say they are loving their experiences and growth (both personally and as dancers) at PDD. We just want to give a big Mahalo to the PDD staff and volunteers. Your tireless effort in taking such great care in mentoring our young ones makes us excited to be a part of this Ohana.

Melissa Kleeman