October 2017 - The Nawatani Family

The Nawatani's, Shaun, Diana, Taylor (12), and Noah (7) are so honored to be chosen as Pas De Deux Hawaii's Family of the Month. Shaun is a Manager for Roundtable Pizza/CJ's Deli at the Hilton Waikiki.  Diana is a middle school teacher and part of the PDD Admin Staff.  Taylor is in 7th grade and enjoys being a part of the PDD Jazz and Hip Hop Junior Company and a dance mentor for all the young dancers.  Noah is in 1st grade and is currently enjoying soccer, swimming, and gymnastics.

The Nawatani's became a part of the PDD Ohana in 2009 when Taylor started taking Pre-Dance classes at the old PDD studio in Waipahu.  During her time at PDD, Taylor has taken hula, ballet, jazz, and hip hop classes.  Some of her accomplishments were becoming the 2015 Junior Dancer of the Year and winning various awards in dance competitions at Spotlight, JUMP, and the Dance Awards in Las Vegas.    

Our advice to new & old families is to VOLUNTEER, especially with Old School Jamz coming up.  Volunteering helps you appreciate all the hard work the owners, teachers and staff put into producing a great show.  You can also create new relationships and bonds with other people from the studio and your kids love the fact that you're there to help and support them.  PDD also offers adult dance classes for parents and relatives to be more active or just an outlet to have fun with other adults.  

Pas De Deux Hawaii is a place for children and adults to express themselves in a nurturing and accepting environment through dance, acting, and singing.  They offer talented and passionate teachers that help children grow in the arts.  Taylor has come so far from the little girl hanging and swinging on the ballet bars to a company dancer because of her motivating and patient teachers.  Children at PDD not only develop their passion for the arts, but also life long relationships with their peers and other families.  Thank you to the hardworking teachers for your commitment to the kids and many thanks to Wendy & Jeremy for providing a nurturing and positive "second home" for Taylor.