February 2018 - The Chong Family

Aloha!  The Chong’s, Rodney, Kelly, Kahiwa (19), ‘Alohi (17), Makana (15), and Kekua (9) are so blessed to have been chosen as PDD’s Family of the Month for February 2018.  Rodney is an Electrical Inspector for the City and County of Honolulu and Kelly is a stay-at-home, homeschooling mommy.  Kahiwa is in his freshman year at HCC pursuing a degree in Fire & Environmental Emergency Response.  ‘Alohi is in her freshman year at California Baptist University majoring in Biomedical Science, with the goal of going to medical school to become a pediatrician.  Makana is a homeschooled 10th grader and her brother Kekua is a 4th grader.

In 2014, Makana wanted to take a breaking class.  Her dad said she could so long there was another girl in the class.  Thankfully, there were other girls in the class because this is where her love for dance began.  Next she added Hip-Hop and I was amazed at her ability to memorize choreography and express herself. This is where she realized that she wanted to dance professionally.  So we added jazz and ballet so she could become a more versatile dancer.

Fast forward to 2018 and she is now in Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Ballet Senior Company, and of course still taking Breaking.  Some of her accomplishments were becoming 2016 Hip-Hop Dancer of the Year and competing at JUMP, Spotlight and Dance Awards in Las Vegas.  She even won a scholarship to Liberate Artists’ Phoenix Fire 2017 in New York during their in-house convention.  We decided to attend and this broadened opportunities for her.  She auditioned for them to be a dance captain and was awarded Liberate Artist Dance Captain 2018.  This year, she will have the opportunity to be a dance captain for their In-House Convention at PDD in April and other workshops on the mainland.  She also gets to attend FOCUS in Los Angeles and Phoenix Fire in New York again this year.

PDD has become our second home.  The friends we have made over the years have become our family.  Makana has grown into a fantastic mentor for her “babies”.  (You all know who I’m talking about.)  She has taken it upon herself to be a big sister to many of the younger students.  PDD is the dance studio that you need to be at.  Take advantage of the free trial classes.  Parents, get involved with other parents and get to know all of the awesome instructors.  Volunteer for special events and recitals.

Lastly, thank you Wendy and Jeremy.  Thank you for your wonderful studio.  Thank you for believing in Makana.  I could not have imagined that my BGirl was going to blossom into this wonderful dancer that she has become.  Thank you to all the wonderful instructors that she has had over the years.  You are all truly amazing!!!