September 2018 - The Holm Family

We are the Holm family- Mark, Cheryl, Camille (9) and Kaleb (11).  We are thrilled to be FOtM and a part of the PDD ohaha!   Kaleb is in 5th grade, Camille is in 4th grade- both phenomenal students at Keoneula Elementary school in Ewa Beach.  When we are not PDD'ing, we love to go to plays and productions around town, travel, play board games, listen/sing to 80's music in the car, go to the beach and spend time with our extended family and friends. 

In addition to taking Musical Theater and Vocal lessons at PDD, Camille is a karate black belt, a jiu-jitsu gray-white belt, a fantastic artist, takes piano lessons, and will be a part of a UH Manoa STEM program this Fall semester.  We 'discovered' PDD in 2017 while looking for a place for Camille to attend musical theater nearer to West Oahu.  She started in February 2017 and has already been in 2 productions (Broadway Review and Lion King), and has performed in seasonal shows like the 2017 Christmas show and recently the Summer Hoike.  Camille would tell you that PDD is her favorite of all her activities, and she would love to take some dance classes at PDD in the coming year!   

Not only are we blown away by the quality of PDD performances,  but we have been impressed by the dedication of the teachers, other parents and students.  One can never fully appreciate how much work and commitment is required to make a performance work until they have signed up to volunteer.  My advice to any new families would be to fearlessly become a volunteer to get a first-hand view of the work done behind the scenes and an appreciation for how much time and effort goes into the program.  Other more experienced parents are always willing to share insights and help you learn the ropes which makes it so much easier become comfortable in a volunteer role.    

A note of thanks for the professionalism of the PDD staff--- you never lose your cool, always treat the kids with kindness, and consistently emphasize the team/community aspect of the experience.  Jeremy and Wendy-- many thanks for creating a positive and enriching environment for our kids in the performing arts!